Why WordPress?

I have been using TypePad for blogs and will continue to do so. The Brookes Benchmarking blog is TypePad-driven. So is myWORLD. TypePad is owned by 6 Apart, who also have LiveJournal. LJ was the first of the “friends” networks and developed a lot of social software, which is open source, as well as a lot of the ideas that have become web2 staples.

I heard about LJ from Scott Wilson a couple of years ago and use it for my personal blog. But, I do not want to host Brookes’ blogs on my TypePad account; generosity (folly?) only goes so far! Brookes needs a blog engine. WordPress is also an open source blogging engine. It is even easier to set up an account on their public hosting service than TypePad’s. I do not like the cheery Yankee “howdy” greetings, and there is less flexibility than with the TypePad engine, but, the basic service is free. And, that’s why. But, blogs have to come in out of the cold. It is time for skunk-works to be mainstreamed. Brookes needs a blog.

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