Looking for another story in Ukraine

I’m not trying to change the world,
I’m not looking for a New England…
(Billy Bragg)

Everybody looking for a new and better land,
better fishing, better grazing?
Show my hand,
like the priest busy saving
or the barber shaving –
my jones craving –
actually autistic or just insane
I am looking for another story in Ukraine.
Everything is negative,
black on black,
doesn’t matter who it’s with,
move on, Jack.
I always had a great concern for many kinds of fact,
the science isn’t certain and the instrument is whack,
my fingers are the meter and the dial is cracked
so every observation fails.
There’s no more rails.
The question is direction
learning how to read deflection 
And reflection on the balances and palaces,
consuming creeds and premises,
feeding predilections,
validation, procreation,
stimulation any kind of ultimatum to remain?
Did I say I was looking for another story in Ukraine?
Or was I was away at a corporate thingy
thinking real power is down in the drain?
The last time poetry effected any change
Charlemagne was king and couldn’t read.
If you don’t stop that I will rhyme at you,
count time on you,
sticks and stones may break my bones,
my words will cover you, mother you,
lay you down in streams of oxytocin,
feel your eyelids closing,
your whole body floating
wired to the heart in its cage
of light yantras dancing
with the Dead on stage.
l give you blockchains of grieving 
this soul will be leaving soon
someone else fighting for Peace?
Easter, Albania, Vozcrescenia!
White Cliffs of Albion
burying babies again.
Did I say I was looking for another story in Ukraine?

George Roberts