Extending your online course

Last month I and some colleagues developed, ran and participated in an online course called extending your online course. The course site is here: https://sites.google.com/a/brookes.ac.uk/extending-your-on-line-course/ My reflective blog for this course is here: http://extendingonline.brookesblogs.net/

It was one of the best learning experiences I have participated in in recent years. I mention this now by way of returning to this blog after what could appear as a gap in my activity.

I feel the need to reflect but all I can say is that I feel tired and ready for a break from the academy.

I finished off the working year writing a bid for a grant to go beyond even Extending your online course, helping to lead us into open academic practice in a big way. Fingers crossed.

These are the things that keep it worth working.

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