tonight we suspended the Emerge Elgg service

After a long deliberation we decided that the Emerge Elgg site should not continue to operate in its current form.

From midnight 31 March/1 April 2009 we discontinued log-in to the Emerge Elgg site and suspended all feeds into the site.

I would like to thank all who have been instrumental in creating a vision a community of practice, supported by Web 2.0 technologies.

The site will be suspended, archived, read-only and searchable. Only posts made to the site that were designated “public” will be visible. Participants’ “Pages” and “Profiles” will continue to be visible. All url persistence will be maintained. All Data will be retained and protected under existing data protection and freedom of information policies.

For a thorough discussion of the Emerge Project, please read the Emerge Reports site (

One key message from our analysis is that a community has many modes of participation. It would be a mistake to assume that the presence of a website indicates either the presence or absence of a community. There is a network of people who have been very active in creating the Users and Innovation Programme and the Emerge community. This network of people persists. Discussions are ongoing concerning how this network might make its presence visible on the Internet or if a site similar to this one might be required.

If you have any queries or comments contact

That was the bald message.

For me it has been a fundamentally transformative project. Exhilerating and I will look back with “affective recall”. It was fun!

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