Emerge team writing retreat

I have set up a place to post our stuff from the writing retreat (I know, I know, another b***** site). Bear with me

We do not have a projector but most of us have machines, I thought this might work as a whiteboard. I have not made the site private – yet. But we can.


Suggested schedule
0900-0930 Review: task briefing

1030-1100 coffee: Task 1 feedback

1230-1300 Task 2 feedback

1300-1330 Lunch:

1330-1400 Review balance in light of Tasks 1 & 2

1530-1600 Task 3 feedback

1600-1800 Walk in country

1800-1930 at ease/continue working

1930-late dinner

Task 1
a. Working title of your article

b. What is the central question that your article will pose?

c. Name 3 or 4 intended readers (no profiling) and say why they might be interested in this question.

d. Specific features of specific U&I projects that illustrate or support or otherwise illuminate your central question

e. If you had only one sentence to summarize your paper for your readers (above), what should it be? Focus on the outcomes from the work, not the inputs.

To post to the site email:


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