Oxford Poetry Library

A crowded evening at This Is Just To Say: spoken word open mic: about 50 people all told: 16 readers + a guest poet, Em Pritchard. Em was great: finely observed, personal and well tuned pieces about life in between.

I read last in the first half. In the audience were two of the poets I most respect: Alan Buckley and Joe Butler, as well as the economist Kate Raworth (she of Doughnut Economics). Kate, in about 2005 photographed the cover of Alan, Joe, Stephen Hancock and my poetry boy-band EP recorded in Oxford at the Holywell Music Room. Tina Sederholm (https://www.tinasederholm.com/) was also there and read. Tina, for many years, with co-presenter, Nick, compèred the monthly Hammer and Tongue slam show in Oxford and has taken her own shows on the road. So, what I mean is when Joe said to me in the interval after I read that I was nervous: “Yes!” And, most of the readers, who had gone before me also had something good to say and to be said about. I read Looking for another story in Ukraine and Deep and dark December.