“Third space professionals”? “Blended professionals”? the products of blended learning?

Check out:

Whitchurch, C. (2008). Shifting Identities and Blurring Boundaries:
the Emergence of Third Space Professionals in UK Higher Education.
Higher Education Quarterly, 62(4), 377-396.

Higher Education Quarterly, 0951–5224
DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-2273.2008.00387.x
Volume 62, No. 4, October 2008, pp 377–396

“… describes a further category of blended professionals, who have
mixed backgrounds and portfolios, comprising elements of both
professional and academic activity. The paper goes on to introduce the
concept of third space as an emergent territory between academic and
professional domains, which is colonised primarily by less bounded
forms of professional.”

Although not written as a dystopian vision, it can certainly be read
as one. For some freelance is freedom. For others it is bloody hard
work. It is interesting seeing the “B” word entering other discourses
than learning technology, and to see Third Space theory, too,
collocated with blended learning (which I had never thought of as a
theory – what does it explain?).

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