Lecture capture and participatory media for education: a talk for eL@B

I suppose there comes a tolerance of living with a degree of chaos. Knowledge is quite loosely coupled, I find.The page I showed with the links came originally from a talk I did at the November eLearning at Brookes (eL@B) meeting on Participatory Media for teaching in Higher Education. The link to the slightly updated mindmap, which I showed in the class is here, where everyone should be able to reach it, should they care (click on “outline view” – lower left – to get the page with the links):


I’ll put the slides up on the VLE for the class. They are already publicly available on SlideShare:


The talk is on the Brookes Wiki, links are on the page (but it is behind an annoying wall):

There is a link to a video of the talk, here (still behind a wall):

Maybe we’ll get some of these walls lowered.

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