Is anyone Waving anymore?

After an enthusiastic introduction it seems the frost has melted on this pumpkin. Google has not stopped rolling out the developments, with new features such as “Read only participants”, and “Restore from playback” ( and “Waving with groups” (; though it is not clear what happens if some of your group are not Wave users.

But, it is interesting that the Wave team do not appear to replicate the Wave blog ( in a wave. These features seem to make Wave more like a blog (read only participation) and a wiki (version control and groups). Why not make a public wave that anyone can sign on to but not edit? Allow them to comment but not create new slugs? Well, lots of reasons I can think of, but the point is that blogs and wikis do their jobs well. As Wave converges on these applications will it do itself out of a role?

The injunction to “Be bold!” ( suggests that people aren’t, or rather, where does Wave afford boldness?

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