Been working on new one-day @ocsld online (Elluminate) course on Online Identity happening on 20 Jan #digident

I am reminded of an old (and kind of grim) Country Joe and the Fish song, Who am I, (thank you YouTube, when Spotify Fails and LastFM gives you an annoying 30 sec preview). I have been doing a lot of work on identity, community and third-spaces while working with a group of adult learners at a community IT centre on life stories around the use of the internet for learning and all sorts of other things. In this workshop I am trying to draw on some parts of that work to explore the question of digital identity in the first of a series of one-day on-line OCSLD events using the Elluminate web conferencing environment. It isn't right to push the first person singular personal pronoun quite so hard here. As well as the participants, Steven Warburton and Josie Fraser will join us for a panel discussion. Steve and Josie probably know as much about online identity, identity play and identity projects as anyone. We will be exploring identity together, on line, and asking questions about the nature of identity, inevitably impinging on our own. If you are interested, the site is being developed here: I think we are going to treat this first one as a pilot. But, as ever the question of sustainability is raised. We would like to charge £100 for the one day online seminar. There is no doubt that it is worth it. But is asking people to pay for a webinar like they would buy a theatre ticket the right business model?  It's West-End prices. But, then, this is no jukebox musical. This is the stuff of life. A hundred quid to NOT get any escapism: there's a bargain!

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