Drowning or Waving

Like A J Cann I have been wondering about the optimum unit size for wave writing (Drowning). Indeed this may be the wrong size. I’d be better off replying in a comment on his blog or writing in my own, referencing his for the track back. Then I discovered the Posterous Robot so might be able to kill a couple of birds (and probably cause a couple of problems). I have looked at some of the massive public eduwaves, which seem like badly threaded discussions. As a newbie I have tried to use Wave as IM, email, blog, and forum and found it not to be as good for those functions as dedicated tools. The domain for which Wave appears to be a challenger is the wiki space, when used for collaborative writing. Wave first hit a sweet spot for me when I used it with two other people to plan a 2-day JISC programme meeting coming up in January. We were working in a wave that had 2 blips. The first was the programme outline: about 500-100 words. The second, about half the length, was an inquiry tool that participants are going to use to interrogate projects. That was about perfect – and it felt like something new.

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