Spam generators, catfish and a shared stop-list

I know I largely talk to myself here, but I do think that from time to time I may have something of more general interest to say. I invite comment and enable trackbacks in case anyone should cite something I write. There have been a couple of conversations.

But daily I am hit with between 20-50 pieces of comment spam enclosing links one probably should steer well clear of. Very few appear to be for porn. Very few appear to be malware, viruses or trojans. By far the greatest volume of comment spam comes from purveyors of pharmaceuticals, or anyway things with pharma-sounding names. My stop-list has grown to include:

  • vicodin, tamiflu, darvocet, tramadol, percocet, prozac, ephedra, viagra, cialis, oxycodone, amoxicillin, xenical, phentermine, soma, xanax, avid, lipitor, alrpazolam, valtrax, meridia, levitra, ambien, plavix, adipex. valtrax, paxil, alprazolam, nexium. zolpidem, lasix, citalopram, valium, alprazolam, lexapro, keflex, ativan, zovirax, ephedrine, zyban, acyclovir


There is an old American joke about the difference between lawyers and catfish: one is a scum-sucking bottom feeder and the other is just a fish. (Btw, most lawyers I know can take a joke, many are not in it for the ambulance-chasing, and some are said to like the image; go figure?)

But the churn I feel in my belly for the people who generate comment spam doesn’t even come close to the epithet “scum-sucking bottom feeder”. OK, it is a matter of a minute to click and delete all the pending “comments” every two or three days. But some how it is an insult that I should even have to.

There is human agency behind all this. It takes a person to conceive the business plan, to write the code, and to harvest what ever clicks do come through. My compassion for these people is … nope. Can’t find it anywhere.

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