#NGTiP09 Portfolio typology further to Flourish

Eportfolio needs to be discussed in respect of at least four dimensions:

1 Process
– collection, selection, reflection, presentation

2 Tools and artefacts:
– portfolio: items, systems, presentations (CV, assessed piece of work, etc)

3 Areas of application:
– PDP, CPD, PDR, competency assessment, personal reflection

4 Cultures of use:
– Disciplines, educational sector, professional bodies, learner preference, maturity, aptitude, attitude

Eportfolio processes are done with tools to produce artefacts for particular purposes. The tool and its habit of use has an effect on the shape of the artefact that it produces. The culture of the site of application determines the habit of use of the tool: there is a “way things are done ’round here.”

One size won’t fit all.

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