Much retweeted abt retweeting; an emergent etiquette? apophenia: Understanding retweeting on Twitter

The purpose of this paper is simple. We wanted to explore retweeting as a conversational practice. In doing so, we highlight just how bloody messy retweeting is. Often, folks who are deeply embedded in the culture think that there are uniform syntax conventions, that everyone knows what they’re doing and agrees on how to do it. We found that this is blatantly untrue. When it comes to retweeting, things get messy.

This is a well written and useful paper for more than just the authors’ core aim of analysing retweeting. It provides a useful introduction to the sociology of Twitter and research into Twitter practices.

It is worth a cross link to Paul Carr’s comment in his Guardian blog on Twitter etiquette:

Though this is a very different genre it addresses the same phenomenon of emergent etiquette practices in new social media.

Though I was briefly a Twitter sceptic, I have been using the service for over two years and remain convinced that, with a few other key aspects and applications, it is among those things that makes the Internet uncontrovertably (for me) a *good* thing.

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Tweet deck the new browser for the real-time Web? You gotta love the vision

More and more, sites are serving consumers streams of information rather than static web pages. And today’s browsers aren’t set up to help us filter and digest this new format. So I started TweetDeck with a focus on Twitter but a bigger vision, to become a new browser for the real-time Web

and I love that Tweetdeck’s blog is on Posterous and that now Tweetdeck updates Facebook. It is a shame Flickr isn’t the photo sharing site of preference in this collection of apps

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Posterous has closed the camera, phone, Flickr loop for me

I was mildly annoyed (a usual state for me) a year or three ago when Ericsson bundled Blogger in the firmware of their good camera phones. I didn’t want to set up a Blogger ID, all I wanted to do was post to Flickr. For a while I tried to use Shozu (, but its Java applet crashed my phone. Repeatedly. I expect things are better these days. Now, of course, Flickr has email uploader addresses and phones pretty much come with mail accounts but I never really got my head around them. Then, I stumbled on Posterous via Iain Dodsworth’s TweetDeck blog ( Posterous has about the easiest sign-up facility of any site, ever, and an “autopost to everywhere” service ( that lets you send mails to e.g. So, I activated my dormant 3-mail account told posterous that it was mine and, snap. Take a pic and email to It just works. I like services like that. My posterous is here.

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