Reflections on the eve of a new academic year

There is still a hard day's work ahead before the introduction to the PCTHE for 2010-11. For some reason the VLE and wiki are not developing themselves. Packs for the day do not seem to be reproducing like the little bunnies I wish they were. The to-do list of best intentions is shrinking to only … Continue reading Reflections on the eve of a new academic year

Writing a Course Review

I recently met with a student who had been unsuccessful in achieving the criteria for one of the assignments on the PCTHE. Most of my comments are of a general nature regarding the writing of a course review, so I thought I would post them. Back up your assertions with evidence. As teachers and students … Continue reading Writing a Course Review

PLE Chicken Roost

A. J. Cann asked 200 first years, " draw a mind map of their personal learning environment (PLE)."  The PLE chickens come home to roost He says, "following what these students were reading on Google Reader and bookmarking on delicious throughout the past term has been a fascinating and for the most part rewarding experience. … Continue reading PLE Chicken Roost