Is there evidence of the use of Web2.0 to do deep learning?

It is sometimes asserted that while students are using web 2 tools extensively there is no evidence that they are using them to do deep learning. I believe this assertion should be questioned. There is some evidence to suggest that contemporary undergraduates in the normal age cohort (not mature learners) are not particularly critical or … Continue reading Is there evidence of the use of Web2.0 to do deep learning?

Digital natives? Analogue colonists

Graham Attwell makes an important point here, which resonates with work done on university students' use of the Internet for learning by colleagues at Brookes. The locus of work or study: the context in which the person engages in online activity is far more important than other more accidental attributes of the individual such as … Continue reading Digital natives? Analogue colonists

PLE Chicken Roost

A. J. Cann asked 200 first years, " draw a mind map of their personal learning environment (PLE)."  The PLE chickens come home to roost He says, "following what these students were reading on Google Reader and bookmarking on delicious throughout the past term has been a fascinating and for the most part rewarding experience. … Continue reading PLE Chicken Roost