32GB Mac OSX Netbook for £418

I spent much of today reading how to Mac-ify a Dell Mini 9. It seems to be a popular hobby. In a later post I’ll go through the technical how-to with a lot of links.

I have ordered a Mini 9 in its Vostro A90 livery, on special offer from Dell at £199 (£221 with VAT & shipping). I also ordered OSX10.5.6 shrink-wrapped operating system (£76). A 32GB Run Core ssd will replace the 8GB one which comes as stock. 4 screws to swap the drive; add another £121. All in: £418. Remember when 512K of RAM cost £500? I suspect these are going to be available with 250GB for under £100 in a year.

So why am I doing this?

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