I am concerned

I am 66 with a history of pneumonia x2, once with the nee naw up to the John Radcliffe and about 8 hours in A&E. And that was two years ago. I have had bronchitis many times until I started getting the flu jab: winter chest infection free for the past 2 years. I am very not keen to get Covid-19. But, life does go on and if this is my last week/month/season, I do not want it to be, even metaphorically, spent hiding behind the sofa trembling in isolation. But, I also respect those who want to stay out of harm’s way. I do not want to be on their vector of transmission.

Learning in the time of…

Covid-19 has brought about a collective response. What can I call it? Madness? Folly? There will be bad come of it. There could be good come of it.  I read that the number of premature deaths due to urban air pollution is down more than deaths due to Covid-19 are up. And there will be many unexpected outcomes of all sorts. How can the good be upped and the bad suppressed? Much to be learned from a moment of quiet reflection before action. Locally it appears to be a real boon to those who enjoy being in charge. Everything can be put on hold because we have an emergency, here. Headless chickens issuing commands left and right.