TEL you no lies

Ruptured matrix
Ruptured matrix

The text. The traces of thought. Marks somewhere. Ambiguous. Always. Deal with it. Immediacy is elusive: an illusion. Shards of meaning splinter. Reform. Reflect and interpret.

Technology and learning? Certainly.. Technology enhanced learning? I’ll tell you no lies. What’s sauce for the goose only might sauce the gander.

All communication is mediated. This is not a hostile move. From mind to mouth to ear to mind; from eye to eye, from finger to keyboard to waves and wires there is interference. There are filters.

Don’t give me problems! Give me solutions!

Here is one. Stop trying to measure; measure everything.

Academic multimedia. Something other than marks on paper or that virtual page. How many page views? Impressions count? I digress

Not alphabetic. A different symbolic system. Voice. Visuals. Unfamiliar grammars? Different discourse.

We are semi-adept at reading video. Even stills are framed. No closer to reality than words on a page.

Kristeva distinguishes between the literacy of reading which enables compliance and governability: you can read the rules; and the literacy of writing, which enables speaking against: enunciating your self.

This is the point. As readers we are consumers. As writers we are producers. Student as consumer? Student as producer? Lives of consequence? Living consequentially demands that we are producers.

In these posts I will be exploring academic multimedia and the consequences of production.

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