Countdown to FSLT16: Crazy fun grown up?

There have been and still are some challenges in getting FSLT16 ready to run. The course has grown in complexity since it was first run in early 2012. I have spent a lot of time trying to recover some of the earlier simplicity.

In a way this parallels the path that all MOOCs have taken. What were early experiments hacked together from generally available tools have become parts of institutional offerings. In some ways this is good, and in another way I yearn for the crazy days of MOOCs about anything and everything. A MOOC needs some crazy energy to sustain it, but if it is offered for credit within a programme there is a big part for the sober citizen to play. Striking the balance between risky experimentation (crazy fun) and sober QA is a challenge. I hope there can still be some fun as we run through the course for the sixth time. Because as I keep saying (if only to myself) whatever other benefits there are, learning will be better if it is fun.

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