Jisc is very different – or is it?

So says Martyn Harrow, CEO of Jisc. It appears to all be about power now: power to deliver solutions, power to realise vision, power to make the UK the leading … whatever. The world is even more extraordinary than it has ever been extraordinary because of its connectedness, which is enabled by our extraordinary digital stuff which can make us extraordinarily competitive in a world where we cannot afford to be less than extraordinary. No pressure, then! Who? What? Messianic, techno-optimism is becoming ever more shrill.

Big data: if you haz data you can do a lot of things with that data. Power to hurt or power to heal. But more teachers and smaller classes can do more than more data. The centre needs to relax. A benificent centre may minimise harm, but other centralising urges hide behind the benificent exterior. If you continue to measure and compete no matter how hard you try only 25% will be in the top quartile.

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