FSLT Open Online Course Accredited!

In a very positive move, Oxford Brookes University has accredited two open online courses to our Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PCTHE). The two courses are:

  • First steps into learning and teaching in higher education (FSLT)
  • Teaching Online (TO)

Both courses are offered as open online courses and the accreditation commences in semester 2 of academic year 2013-14 (February-May 2014). The courses are rated at 10 credits at level 7 (postgraduate level: see Credit in Higher Education and Higher education credit framework for England and  The frameworks for higher education qualifications and credit: how they relate to academic standards). This will make FSLT one of the first accredited open online courses in the UK. Formal accreditation begins in Academic Year 2013-14.

The pricing model is a little complicated. We are currently testing the “freemium” model of free participation/pay for credit.

Anyone can participate in the courses for free. We call this “Open participation”. Open participants have access to all the course facilities, content, discussion forums, virtual classroom. We are developing an informal badging system for completion of the activities. Open participants get everything except: personal tutor feedback, summative assessment, a certificate and the transferrable credits.

Transferrable credits are recognised throughout the UK higher education sector (credit accumulation and transfer scheme CATS). They can be applied to Postgraduate Certificates, Diplomas and MAs in Education.

Enrolled participants may be required to pay a fee as follows:

  • Staff at Oxford Brookes University, no charge
  • External participants pay a fee for summative assessment, tutor feedback and accreditation, currently GBP £345.
  • Staff at affiliated colleges currently can enrol at 50% of the external participant fee.

That is correct at this writing. But watch this space for developments.


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