I have moved my bookmarks into BibSonomy

“A blue social bookmark and publication sharing system”bibsonomy.org

I am not sure what “blue” means in the site title, but I have imported my Delicious bookmarks into BibSonomy. The UI is more homegrown looking than Delicious – but then the Delicious UI wasn’t always easy. That said, it appears to do at least all of what I did in Delicious. Maybe I will try to go social again with the bookmarking thing. My bookmarks have always been public. You are all welcome to them. I do not feel I have to go out and promote them. I never used the social features of Delicious. That is, I never used delicious to follow other people’s tagging behaviour. I do follow a few people in Google Reader. Anyone using BibSonomy, let me know if you want to be my “friend”.

One problem will be the lack of applets for Android and iPad. But, I might try the javascript bookmark trick in safari and see it that works.
At least I have a back-up of and alternative to Delicious.

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