Reflection on the first tutorial group of the year: reflection, observation and feedback

Myfirst tutorial “base” group, went well enough, with 9 out of 10
present and 7 reflective pieces submitted, which I said I would give
brief feedback on.

I may have spent too long on professional reflection, but hope that it
was useful. There was a good discussion about group process,
inclusion, function, and of course, a pursuit of the rationale for
group work at all.

We brought the first wiki-based activity to a close: all but two had
posted and commented on the collaborative annotated bibliography.

There wasn’t enough time for the agenda but participants’ energy as
much as my willingness to let things slip led to a 30 minute over-run
and 4 more staying “after class” to continue discussions and set
observation slots. I got 3 observations in the diary and 3 promises of
e-mails “soon”. We either need to schedule a longer opening tutorial
or distribute the tasks between other activities. Or, have another
p70406 basegroup meeting?? I do not know if even base groups of five
could have been done much faster. Maybe we do need 5 groups for 40
participants. Or just admit that the opening base group needs to be
two full hours, not 90 minutes.

The paperwork for teaching observations: forms are on the VLE in
“General Resources” => “Forms”. This is a pretty solid admin resource
folder that could slot into a lot of programmes involving frameworks
for professional development credit, prior learning, professional

Teaching observations were discussed.

I take a liberal view of what counts as “observation of teaching (or
support of learning)”. Regarding observation of feedback on a
dissertation, “it depends”. I have observed dissertation feedback
which involved reading an annotated set of email correspondence and
marked drafts and then sitting in on a tutorial with the agreement of
the student. That gave a really rich picture of dissertation feedback.
I have “observed” another set of feedback, where I was asked to
moderate and comment in the manner of an external examiner, on marking
and feedback practice for three levels of outcome over a two stage
process: formative, and summative. That involved reading 3 x 2
feedback sheets and their assignments. I suppose there is a line below
which a useful observation wouldn’t be possible. So, just reading one
summative piece of feedback on a finished project wouldn’t be enough
for me.

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