The iPad – if only

I am struggling with the iPad. I keep wanting it to be a computer, but it insists that it is a consumer electronic device. What I find sad is that it probably could be a great computer, if only.

There are so many if onlys about it that I am wondering, why bother?

If only it had proper operating system utilities, like a file manager so I could find and delete that ePub file I downloaded but couldn’t open in iBooks.

If only iBooks wasn’t tied to only one store. Vertical integration really galls me. I don’t want to have multiple reader applications to allow me to shop or download from other sites.

If only … No, It is just plain mean that it doesn’t support embedded Flash.

If only Safari allowed tabbed browsing. OK, I can buy another browser (and did) but if only I could set it as my default browser.

If only Safari let me download PDFs for viewing off line. The other browser does. There are good reasons to like the machine. The mail client works nicely with my Gmail accounts. The soft keyboard and spell checker is pretty good. But, why not give it one more row and make a proper qwerty keyboard with shift key access to numbers and punctuation? The form factor is interesting. It is a much better reader than my phone. But my phone in some ways may be a better computer.

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