49M (15%) of Americans lack dependable access to food; this is not good. When people go hungry they get pissed off

The number of Americans who lack dependable access to adequate food shot up last year to 49 million,

Put aside the swipes at super-size meals and easy obese targets, this Washington Post article about a US Department of Agriculture report makes shocking (to me) reading: “Among people of all ages, nearly 15 percent last year did not consistently have adequate food.”

The report:
“… documents both Americans who are scrounging for adequate food — people living with some amount of “food insecurity” in the lexicon of experts — and those whose food shortages are so severe that they are hungry.”

And yet the western democracies continue to pour money into shoring up the economic system that has brought this state of affairs about. It is as if the rich are going super-nova while the rest get sucked into a black hole.

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