Why blog? via @AJCann – useful for anyone introducing blogging into their teaching #pcthe

My blog:

  • is a place where I think, plan and reflect
  • forces me to read in order to gather the input I need for my output
  • is a place where I play with technology and ideas
  • often surprises me
  • is a place where I collaborate
  • is currently the most satisfying part of my job
  • is slightly dangerous
  • is compulsive

This page is a useful compendium of resources for academics who are thinking of introducing blogs into their teaching for collaboration, reflection, assessment, research, community development and just plain old learning. Cann offers his reasons for blogging and links to other key educational bloggers, who give their reasons for blogging. The perspectives are not exactly student-centred in the self-effacing way that some “facilitators of learning” might adopt, but are un-ashamedly learning- and learner-centred, where the blogger is a learner who exposes their learning practices, sometimes tacitly and sometimes explicitly. And, that is what is slightly dangerous. When we learn we make mistakes. When we blog to learn we make mistakes in public.

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