Digital literacies at Brookes #pcthe

More digital literacies at Brookes

One of the key messages arising from national research is that although technology is pervasive in many learners’ lives, learners entering higher eduation lack basic information literacies skills and have little idea of how they can use technology to support their study (see for example JISC Google Generation, Great Expectations and Learner Experience Phase 2 programmes)

In recent months there has been much discussion at Brookes of the role of digital literacies in our curriculum. There has been acceptance of the need to specify and develop digital literacies as part of the Academic Progression Initiative and the 2020 Green paper.

The task now is to agree on the literacies we expect of Brookes students and present them in a coherent way to course teams so they they can be mapped and developed across the curriculum.

It took us digilit people a while to find this (where did I put this?). This is to help me make it easier next time

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