Can we assemble around tag cloud normalisation @jiscssbr @cheeky-geeky

I wonder if there is a WordPress or other blogging platform plug-in that uses a mash-up to suggest tags from an underlying, emerging vocabulary formed from various social knowledge sites?

 Within a social tagging system such as Diigo, Delicious, Technorati, Digg, Twine: even in your own blog, tags and categories emerge and are guided. One’s own tagging practice converges and key terms become more often used: variants (plurals, -ing forms, caps, etc) get ironed out or normalised.

 However this facility doesn’t appear to extend across social tagging platforms easily.

 In the Planet aggregator ( of the project feeds from the 3 phases of the JISC Institutional Innovation programme, from 21 feeds (just under half the projects in the programme), there are 256 tags, of which many of the most used: “project” (11 instances), “jisc” (9 instances), “funded project” (5 instances) are useless for sorting this category: they are all JISC funded projects. Most of the tags are used only once or twice. There are many variants of what is probably the same item: “mobile” (1), “mobile app” (1), “mobile phone” (1), “mobile technology” (2), “iphone” (3), “iphone ipod touch” (1), “ipod touch” (1), “itouch” (1).

 There may be some indicators of clusters: “podcasting” (15), “pedagogy” (7), “APL” (5), “learning space” (5) and “learning spaces” (2), “mashup” (4), “open content” (4), but they are weak signals amidst a lot of noise.

 Mark Drapeau points out the similarities between Twitter and Wikipedia (

 Faviki ( has implemented a semantic tagging approach on their site based on DBpedia

 I wonder, if such a thing does not exist, can we – or someone – build one of these for any common platform using existing tools?

 Could a person, for example, mine the specific wisdom of their, say, Twitter community by using a tag vocabularly drawn only from items found from blogs and other social network sites claimed by that set of people? Or could they normalise across their Delicious, Diigo and Technorati accounts? Or, in my particular instance, using a tag vocabulary drawn only from the blogs of the Institutional Innovation Programme?

 Would anyone in the JISC Institutional Innovation Programme like to come together in an “Assembly” ( to explore the tag-cloud field looking for helper tools to help us to make sense of the burgeoning folksonomic wisdom (?) of the Internet?

 Or if there is a super easy tool that does this that I have not found, just point me at it! Thanks.

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