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That is the ‘unofficial’ stuff. Now on to the official things – papers, symposia and the like. I have tried to develop a series of linked papers / contributions for these events (I am not sure whether it will work) around the themes of Web 2.0, digital identities and Personal Learning Environments.  For the first of the events, Alt C, I am making a presentation as part of the project team from the now finished Jisc Emerge support project.


And. much as ever, comments on the past are comments on the present. I am interested to see how this symposium evolves and whether any movements might be detected; what might they be? I think the new themes are

  • something around new multimedia epistemologies and their impact on the privileged academic literacies of text
  • something around portals and personal portals (portfolios and PLEs) for CPD: highly reconfigurable views onto complex networks of collaboration and accreditation: regional, trans-regional, national, trans-national, which might disrupt traditional institutional identities, linked to
  • Flexible frameworks for accreditation.

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