Love the Faviki approach to restricted vocabulary & wish posterous and Diigo did the same

Faviki is a tool that brings together social bookmarking and Wikipedia. It lets you bookmark web pages using Wikipedia’s terms. In Faviki, everybody uses the same names for tags from the world’s largest collection of knowledge!

I do think this is a neat idea, addressing one of the big problems of folksonomies. In part it goes some way towards addressing my quibbles with restricted vocabularies. Faviki uses DBpedia as its underlying taxonomy. So, yes, there is restriction and structure, but this evolves with use and the restricting/structuring system is – to some extent – open.

My only problem with Faviki is that I do not want to move my bookmarks and social bookmarking groups over to it. I want Diigo (and Posterous – are you listening?) to do the same. Posterous really should allow you to tag posts in the “Share on Posterous” bookmarklet.

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