Oooh! Firefox 3. Hope I haven’t wrecked everything

I just went and deleted reliable Firefox and dumped 3.0.7 into my applications folder. And now, I try to remember which things I had to struggle with six months ago. It chucked out my Piggy Bank, but that was something from MIT Media Lab that never really worked for me. The Delicious button couldn’t be updated but the whole Diigo toolbar is there and working (sorry Delicious). And Zotero is there but I do not use it, so, would I have missed it?

More worrying, of course, are all the embedded applets and players: Flash 4, Silverlight, Quicktime Player and heaven knows what else makes the Web work that I have forgotten about. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Even more worrying 😉 I am not sure 3 is prettier than 2. As vanilla, the chrome is, well, kind of like Chrome: German industrial metal. Might have to find some soft-edged skin (yeah, like I spend my time doing that).

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