Well, you *can* tag posterous posts as you write them

But the tags do not propagate to this WP bog. I have added them, later. It is interesting using email as a blogging environment. I have been using Ecto for several years to post to LiveJournal, WordPress and TypePad blogs or using web interfaces for Elgg (or feeds in). One good thing about Ecto is that it keeps local copies of my writing, which are then backed up. Given I squirrel my email away and seldom delete anything, I suppose using my mail client as a blog authoring environment achieves the same end. By tagging the post in the heading I would even be able to use the search facility to find items. Of course there is not so much control over formatting; or, I haven’t yet found it. I wonder if I gave up my luddite attachment to courier monospace for writing mails and went for RTF or html mail, whether the formatting would be carried through to Posterous and the items re-posted from there?

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