Feeding the Elgg

Since my exchange with A J Cann, about feeding selected posts to the Emerge site, I have started this blog. In it, I have created a number of categories for my posts, such as “Community IT Centre”, and “R&D Projects” and “Emerge”. I wanted to be able to select only those posts that were tagged “Emerge” and feed them to my Emerge Blog. But it wasn’t obvious how. The WPMU dashboard doesn’t put an rss logo next to the category name. It took a little hunting, but I found the answer in the WordPress Codex, “WordPress feeds”. It looks like this:


Because WordPress multi user (WPMU) is more tightly controlled, themes cannot readily be edited by users. This means I cannot, yet, stick an rss button next to my category list in the right sidebar. But for now I should be able to feed the Elgg from here with only Emerge-relevant posts. Like this.

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