so much is so what

so much is so what
in a difficult spot
trees, leaves, sleet in the breeze
down on my knees
been coughing too long
spitting blood
the pain of the game
at the top doesn’t stop
even when no friends
see you fall
left them all
for a useless truth
so small

a hook in the human
reeling it in
wriggling like a worm in my skin
for the bait I take
wishing fate would hand me a win?
that’s thin as the ice they fell in
the boys couldn’t swim
in boots and coats
cold made them choke
in the pond they were on
dreaming a Dutch Christmas card
Vermeer? So queer
my dear that’s Bambi’s mum
keep schtum
the meme is the theme
of this little machine
I ride for my pride
and I fall

George Roberts